UHR Founder Raising Dementia Awareness

Raising Dementia Awareness with KalendarKards

Many of you know me as UHR Dave. I’ve been involved with bringing you conversation and provocative thinking around the sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing for quite some time. Today, I am taking the liberty to share my other passion with you. This certainly is a departure from Unlimited Hydroplane Racing. We get it. However, we also know that many, many of our Damn Smart Fans are directly affected or have a family member or close friend who is. We feel it is our obligation to share this with you. Raising Dementia Awareness Over two years ago, a friend and …

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Waterproof Cell Phone Case

Kobert waterproof cell phone case

In spite of the amount of snow falling on the eastern half of the United States, it’s not too early to prepare your cell phone for the warmer version of wet conditions: SUMMER! New UHR Department: Product Reviews To kick off a new area of focus for Unlimited Hydroplane Racing, we are providing you with information on useful products that our Damn Smart Fans can use while boating. It is important to note that while we offer these in the spirit of sharing what we feel are valuable and helpful products, we do earn a small commission from Amazon if you …

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Hydroplane Racing: Sport or Hobby?

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

First, and most importantly, let’s take a moment to honor and remember those armed services members who died while serving our country. Without their sacrifices, we would not enjoy the freedoms we dearly cherish on this Memorial Day and on every day of the year. As someone who is pulling for our sport to achieve, grow and prosper, it is becoming increasingly difficult to push aside the tendency to think of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing as leaning toward being more of a hobby. Harsh? Maybe. Worth exploring? Absolutely. It’s no secret our sport has had its share of challenges in recently years. …

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Replays Extended

UHRTV logo_v4

By now, everyone should know that we at Unlimited Hydroplane Racing .TV are always looking for ways to improve our services.  Whenever possible, we execute on those improvements.  We are pleased to offer yet another. Streaming Replays Now Available Through December 15! Throughout the entire season of racing and live streaming, we have been open and transparent about our plan to offer unlimited replays through November 30 for 2014 season coverage. H1 owns the media and future distribution is being considered. However, as we’ve been making preparations to close out the 2014 season, we have discovered a way to extend …

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Doha Recap – More Info

Courtesy H1

Getting the crew back from Doha was an over 24 hour ordeal.  Now that they are back in the U.S., more information is known about the final heat.  First, I now know about the missing video files and consistent with past practices, providing more details. Due to what appears to be frequent and severe impacts on bandwidth during the final heat, the files became corrupted.  As indicated many times, without increasing the cost of infrastructure many times over to “guarantee” adequate bandwidth, we are at the mercy of minute by minute changes in conditions. For additional information, here’s part of …

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Doha Recap

UHR Badge 100x100

Anyone who watched the Oryx Cup UIM World Championship knows the challenges we faced bringing you the live streaming. First, an apology for how long it has taken to provide this update. With the crew preparing for, then starting the return trip home, it has been difficult to get answers for you. They are due back in the U.S. late this afternoon. Here’s what we know at this time: We all know of the multiple power failures. That caused the many file segments you see today. In a perfect world, there would be one file for Friday, and one for …

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