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Many thanks to Doug Miller, President of Coeur d’Alene’s Diamond Cup race, for taking the time to talk recently. While he continues to work hard to finalize the vast number of details surrounding his 2013 race, he’s up to his elbows stirring the pot for 2014. We of course wish him all the best. If he wasn’t busy enough juggling the “before and after” of two races in two years, he’s also the Special Projects Manager for the Hydromaniacs. You can see why I’m grateful for our conversation! Project Miss Spokane With her roots as a backup boat to Bill … Continue reading

Video Recap: 2013 Season

Video Collage

In spite of our sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing being in an ebb tide, there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy the most recent season of racing.  Here’s a recap of the 2013 races, all conveniently packaged together for your viewing. Special thanks to a great question from Mark for the inspiration: I remember watching the hydroplane races on TV. What network carries the races now? I have not seen them in many years and I am a big fan. Enjoy! UHR Dave 2013 Oryx Cup UIM World Championship CBS Sports Network Published on Nov 27, 2013 CBS Sports Network … Continue reading

Guest Author: Tim Matyn

Guest Author Program - Tim Matyn

Tim Matyn’s comments build upon Jay Peters’ remarks and adds perspectives on fans being heard, race day formats and schedules, and attracting new fans to the sport.  You can read more about Tim in his bio below.  UHR Dave.   I agree with Jay Peters that the sport is in dire need of new fans.  However, I also think that Unlimited Hydroplane Racing has a solid core of fans whose opinions and ideas have been ignored over the years. Solicit Fan Opinions Part of the solution for “growing the sport” is to solicit the views of the fans. But on … Continue reading

Guest Author: Jay Peters

Guest Author Program - Jay Peters

Jay Peters from Detroit took us up on our request for Guest Authors.  His remarks tie to the Extend Vision post.  You can read more about Jay in his bio below.  UHR Dave.   This is a great write-up on the current status of the sport. I think you’ve truly hit the nail on the head with most of them and I’d like to expand upon them. First, on direction. Perhaps this is the hardest riddle to solve. I like to think of myself as a life-long fan of the sport, having been to my first race at 8, I … Continue reading

Guest Authors Sought to Extend Vision

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

It’s no secret has opinions. We all do. Opinions are the first step in forming a vision, and it is the vision that helps set direction. The sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing sure needs direction. If you have strong opinions about the direction our sport should take, wants to hear from you! In fact, you can build upon (or disagree with) our opinion below. Just contact us to submit your story. (You can read more about the Guest Author program here.) Rule of Three The Rule of Three is a writing principle that suggests things which come in … Continue reading

2013: Check. 2014: Bring it!

The sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing (and just about everything else in the world) had its challenges in 2013.  Some of the challenges we discuss here at Unlimited Hydroplane Racing .com are admittedly “first world” problems. We get that. We also get that our role in the world should be to make it better.  Everything we touch should be better for our attention and be left with a slightly better quality as a result of our interaction.  Every one of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing’s Damn Smart Fans has a different definition of what that means to them – and it’s our … Continue reading