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The sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing is exciting for a number of reasons. Plenty of power; plenty of speed; plenty of fun. These are enjoyed in person by many, but how can we enjoy the action if we’re not there, or in the off-season?


Yes, video is a way to enjoy it as well, but today, we’re talking about photography. You’ve seen the banner image at the top of

Help us retire this old photo!

I’m proud of this because I took it myself in New Zealand a few years ago. Sure, it has water, a few boats, and even one of them going “fast.” However, it really doesn’t have the PUNCH that pics have from other amateur photographers with more talent than I (much less you professionals who REALLY know what you’re doing!)

With the season nearing the end, there should be a great number of action shots available, from many great photographers.

Introducing Photography Focus

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing is seeking photographers – professional and amateur alike – who would like to donate a photo to be placed in the rotation in our web site’s header. Although my New Zealand photo is there all the time, your photos will appear at random with each visit to the site, or when the page is refreshed.

(Once I get a few good shots in the rotation, that New Zealand shot will be retired!)

In exchange for you providing us with a free “fast boat action shot” we will publish a story about you, your work, and how people who need great photography can get in touch with you.

Whether your gear looks like this: …or like this:
Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

…we want to hear from you! It would be a great honor to share your work, and tell your story!

Join the Team

If this seems like something that works for you, please get in touch with us. We’d love to have you part of the UHR team!

Thank you!

UHR Dave

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