Courtesy Carmen Silva
Courtesy Carmen Silva

In the sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing, there are many, many perspectives that are brought to bear. Given the varied nature of the stakeholders’ interests, there are of course, many different opinions.

Here at UHR, be believe it is important not just to share our perspectives, but to offer the many racing constituents the chance to share theirs as well. In addition to ourselves, owners, sponsors, fans, photographers, and even members of H1, each have a unique view. Through our “Perspectives” section, we hope to be able to share these individuals’ perspectives on the sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing.

While we feel the sport benefits from observations from informed players, we don’t want this to to become a debate class. These are intended to be well-thought-out “Op-Ed” pieces, so if you want to respond to any of the viewpoints we begin to share, our offer to you is this: think through an intelligent and persuasive argument, either in support or… well… not. It’s not what gets said, it’s how it is said.

Intelligent discourse is how anything can be improved!

Starting with past Guest Author posts, please enjoy the special views brought forth by our “Damn Smart Fans.” There, you’ll also find our own UHR Commentary as well.

Check back as we begin to offer this opportunity to the many individuals who hold a wide variety of views. If you would like to add to our Perspectives base, please get in touch.

UHR Dave

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