2013 Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup Press Announcement

Commodore Doug Miller confirms Labor Day racing.

It is always exciting to learn about the expansion of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing.  It’s good for the sport; it’s good for the teams; and it’s good for the fans.  Never mind just how great it is for the local economies and the communities surrounding a race site.

But when someone UnlimitedHydroplaneRacing.com can call a “friend of the site” it has special meaning.

It is no secret Mr. Miller has had significant challenges to face in bringing this race back to Coeur d’Alene.  We’ve talked here about some of those challenges.  But by persevering, Doug has worked through those issues and should be proud of this monumental accomplishment.

Please enjoy this video of the Press Event where it was announced (once and for all!) Unlimited Hydroplane Racing is coming back to beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene.  With some wind, even the sound presented its own challenges, but true to form, the team worked through it.  You can just see the excitement (and relief) in the participants’ faces and hear it in their voices.  Below the video, you can see a summary of the event from the Spokesman-Review and a link to their story with complete coverage.


Speaking of excitement and relief, you can see it in the faces of these three gentlemen, shown below: Doug Miller, President and Commodore of the Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup, Ted Grange, Operations and New Site Manager from H1 Unlimited, and Keith Kroetch of Kroetch Land and Timber for agreeing to underwrite operational costs.

Courtesy The Spokesman-Review
Courtesy The Spokesman-Review

Here’s a few highlights from the Spokesman-Review story:

  • Enough money has been raised to ensure the Labor Day event will take place.
  • H1 guarantees 10 participating Unlimited Hydroplanes.
  • Two closed-cockpit classes featured: Unlimited and Grand Prix West.
  • Two open-cockpit classes featured: Vintage Unlimited and Vintage Limited.
  • Race estimated to bring 70,000 people to the region.
  • Last hydroplane racing took place 45 years ago.
  • Many of today’s drivers weren’t born at time of last CDA race.
  • Attempted to resurrect last year, but funding took longer than expected.
  • Ticket sales are brisk: 650+ packages sold, averaging 8-10 tickets each.

You can read The Spokesman-Review’s complete coverage here.

A hearty congratulations goes out to the entire Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup team for doing what many in the past felt was impossible.  What you’ve done is improved the future for many Unlimited Hydroplane Racing fans.

UHR Dave

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