SPAM Resolved

Thank you all for your patience while we worked through over 4,000 SPAM messages! During these past few weeks, there were about a dozen comments interwoven throughout that have been approved.

Most of the comments recently approved appear on the Schedule Page. Thanks for your feedback on where you believe future races should take place, along with other topics.

What caused those messages to be missed has now been resolved, so it will be easier to stay on top of them.

The reason for actually creating a post, rather than just use social media is to share some of the more, ahem, creative SPAM messages received.

First, it was very nice of someone to point out that we could be generating a lot more traffic:

Next, another very polite Spammer extended quite a nice compliment… we think:

Finally, this really sums up the whole SPAM issue (and not the fun kind that comes in a can…):

We hope you enjoyed a (very) few of the “fun” messages we’ve been cleaning up for the past few weeks. Thanks for your patience!

UHR Dave

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