Vote: 2017 Champion’s Gala Fan Favorites

Seats are all gone, but still time to vote!

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing 2017 Gala Fan Awards
Vote now at H1 Unlimited

If you haven’t yet gotten your tickets for the 2017 H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Series 53rd Annual Champion’s Gala (they are sold out!) you still have time to vote for your favorite driver and team for the 2017 season.

The Gala takes place Saturday, February 10, 2018 at the Red Lion Hotel – Kennewick Columbia Center in Tri-Cities. Winners of the Fan Poll will be announced during the Gala.

Every driver and every team offers us Damn Smart Fans something different during every Unlimited Hydroplane Racing season. They appeal to all of us differently, so this is your chance to reinforce how much you enjoy the entertainment they provide.

And Unlimited Hydroplane Racing is quite entertaining!

What’s nice about the voting, is you get to break out the Driver from the Team. Sure, you can align them with the ballots you cast, but you don’t have to do so.

If there’s a specific driver that you enjoy, state your “passion for the captain.” If there’s a certain team with flashy colors or a special craft, “vote the boat!”

Here’s how the voting will look when you go to

2017 H1 Unlimited Gala Fan Voting

Click through from this graphic and vote!

But be quick! There is no word at this time when the voting will be cut off ahead of the Gala. If we get wind of a cut-off time, we’ll update this post.


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