Evansville Lights ’em Up!

The 2014 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Schedule is about to kick off for the regular season.  However, we should first recap the exhibition excitement that took place in Evansville last week.

Courtesy Hadishrinersfest.com
Courtesy Hadishrinersfest.com

The Hadi ShrinersFest 2014 was the latest venue for flexing Hydroplane muscle.  In an exhibition this year (to gauge interest for a full race in the future) Turbine was pitted against Piston.  In a fun marketing move, limited edition buttons were sold to stir the competitive pot in the quest for the Four Freedoms Trophy.

No Spoilers Here!

In the event you haven’t heard which technology won the exhibition (yes, WON!… who says exhibitions are just for fun?!?!) there won’t be any spoilers here.  Instead, we’ll just serve up a couple of videos.

(If you must know, you can visit the ShrinersFest Facebook page.)

At times, these are a bit hard to watch due to the shaking and focus issues, especially when watching on a larger screen  However, the sounds of the boats and the excitement of the fans masks the fact this was an exhibition.  With Hydroplanes, it’s “all excitement, all the time!”

Exhibition Heat

Exhibition Final

Enjoy this appetizer and get ready for the 2014 main course!

UHR Dave

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