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Links are provided below for easy access to race site pages.  Let us know if there’s any specific information you would like added here.  After all, it’s all about helping fans enjoy the sport!

2014 Season

Evansville, IN – EXHIBITION

June 13-14.  Evansville Freedom Festival.   HADI ShrinersFest 2014.
Schedule  |  Preview Video

Madison, IN

July 4-6.  Madison Regatta.  Indiana Governor’s Cup.
Race Schedule  |  Event Schedule

Detroit, MI

July 11-13.  APBA Gold Cup.
Event Info  |  Event Map  |  FAQ

Tri-Cities (Kennewick), WA

July 25-27.  Tri-Cities Water Follies.  Lamb Weston Columbia Cup.
Events Schedule  |  Tickets/Parking  |  Maps & Directions

Seattle, WA

August 1-3.  Albert Lee Appliance Seafair Cup.
Overview & Schedule  |  Seafair Calendar  |  Tickets

Coeur d’Alene, ID  (cancelled for 2014)

August 29-31.  Coeur d’Alene Diamond Cup.
Event Schedule  |  Tickets  |  Visitor Information

San Diego, CA

September 12-14.  San Diego Bayfair.
Schedule  |  Tickets  |  Plan Your Visit

Doha, Qatar

November 20-22.  Oryx Cup.  UIM World Championship.

The following live streaming schedule is tentative based on the preliminary schedule currently published on the H1 web site.

All times subject to change.

Streaming Passes Available!

Heat Doha Time Pacific Time
1A Fri Nov 21  1:00 PM Fri Nov 21  2:00 AM
1B Fri Nov 21  1:30 PM Fri Nov 21  2:30 AM
2A Fri Nov 21  2:45 PM Fri Nov 21  3:45 AM
2B Fri Nov 21  3:15 PM Fri Nov 21  4:15 AM
3A Sat Nov 22  11:00 AM Sat Nov 22  12 Mid
3B Sat Nov 22  11:20 AM Sat Nov 22  12:20 AM
4A Sat Nov 22  12:30 PM Sat Nov 22  1:30 AM
4B Sat Nov 22  1:00 PM Sat Nov 22  2:00 AM
Final Sat Nov 22  3:30 PM Sat Nov 22  4:30 AM
Awards Sat Nov 22  TBA Sat Nov 22  TBA

2015 Season

Recently Announced:

Detroit, MI

August 21-23.  APBA Gold Cup.

All dates and times subject to change.


  1. Attended the APBA time trials at Devils Lake Or this September and have some pictures I’d like to share. Unable to find a Web site for Columbia apba. First timer but won’t be the last time. Nice group, very friendly! See you next year.

  2. Vintage Fan, Too!

    Please bring back the Vintage Hydroplanes to run between heats. It keeps the fans engaged and gives the younger fans a chance to see how the sport has evolved!

  3. Please bring back the Vintage Hydroplanes to run between the Unlimited heats. It keeps the fans involved and shows the younger folks how hydroplane racing has changed through the years!

  4. Been on the water 3 times in lake washington for the races which was awesome although the blue angels stole the show! Given it’s popularity, why is Lake Havasu not included in the schedule? There would be fans from 3 states & more reliable water conditions than San Diego! Comment?

  5. Pingback: Local Events ‹ djk2

  6. Need more people at the Folsom Lake event (more water would help too) Think snow!
    I think lower ticket prices would increase attendence. Make it up on selling sundries.
    An informal survey of people I taked with that didn’t go said the price was too high.
    Thanks look forward to a good show next year.

    • You make a good point, Peter. I can see the value in making the even more affordable and make up for it by having a lot more people enjoy the show. Thanks for following!

  7. i am can H1 advertise as the worlds fastest boats when top fuel dragboats have consistitly been from 250 mph to over 260 mph.i love boat racing but i think these guys should get due me understand this.they have developed and been useing break away capsules for quite sometime now.witch are now being used in NHRA dragsters.

    • Kenny, you raise an excellent point. I have to admit that I don’t have a lot a familiarity with drag boats, but after some research, realize they are unbelievably fast. At about 260 MPH, they do seem to the “fastest.” I’m not sure how H1 can say Unlimited Hydroplanes are the fastest boats in the world, but it is a comment used by many – including me.

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention – I’ll be sure to be more careful in the future how I refer to Unlimited Hydroplane Racing.


  8. Thanks for your article regarding the Diamond Cup Regatta in Coeur d’ Alene . I am the President / Race Director for the Regatta. This years event is Aug 31 – Sept 2 . This is my 4th year and 3rd event in bringing the boats back to Lake Coeur d’ Alene. We are finally permitted to have Races again. Please feel free to call or email anytime. Cell 208-691-1612 email :

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