Video Recap: 2013 Season

Video Collage

In spite of our sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing being in an ebb tide, there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy the most recent season of racing.  Here’s a recap of the 2013 races, all conveniently packaged together for your viewing. Special thanks to a great question from Mark for the inspiration: I remember watching the hydroplane races on TV. What network carries the races now? I have not seen them in many years and I am a big fan. Enjoy! UHR Dave 2013 Oryx Cup UIM World Championship CBS Sports Network Published on Nov 27, 2013 CBS Sports Network …

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Arkansas Crystal Cup Using Seafair’s Compass For Simple Math


It is rewarding to be a part of a sport that exhibits amazing cooperation.  Not just between teams or H1 or race sites, or “you name it.”  In this example, it is specifically a longstanding and quite successful festival such as Seattle’s Seafair, openly sharing and helping the up-and-comer that is the Arkansas Crystal Cup. Regular readers of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing knows the support I have provided to Frantz in his attempt to bring a race to Lake Dardanelle in Arkansas.  As a racing fan, if I can help raise visibility through my site, I’m happy to do it. But …

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Schedules: The Rest of the Story


Unlimited Hydroplane Racing is quick to voice frustration over racing schedules, but with respect to the late Paul Harvey, using his “Rest of the Story” in the title is fitting. After much complaining, it is time to be fair. Some of the more popular search terms for finding and reaching has to do with “schedule.” Whether it is the season schedule, a schedule for a particular city, or the schedule for week-end TV coverage. It is amazing how popular that question is for people. This popularity was part of the reason the Schedule Page was created on Unlimited Hydroplane …

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In Search of: Unlimited Hydroplane Race Schedule

Fans of any sport (especially Unlimited Hydroplane Racing) need to know when their favorite teams play.   They rightfully rely on the “league” for definitive information about their sport. For basketball, we often get the final word from the NBA.  We hockey fans often turn to the NHL and of course when we need quick access to specifics about fast cars, NASCAR is our choice for stats, rulings, and schedules. Schedules The good people at H1 Unlimited have challenges these leagues don’t understand.  This is a bit overly simplified, but think about it: when the NHL wants to schedule a hockey …

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Annual Awards – Fun Event, But Long Way to Go


With being at the mercy of only having access to the recorded UStream video of the H1 Unlimited Air National Guard Series Awards Ceremony last Saturday night in Seattle, I can tell the event was fun, but from an information perspective, I feel there’s still a long course to run. The other shoe But beyond what seemed like a fun event, the overall outcome has me a bit curious – and feeling like another shoe should drop. First, there seems to be a surprising dearth of chatter around the web-o-sphere, particularly the Hydropage Forums, about the start procedure for 2012.  …

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